The recent announcement by Sullivan University that chef instructors John Castro and Kim Jones will be leaving the school, and that Winston’s restaurant will change its focus from fine dining, presage some major changes for the local school that has prepared many chefs locally and nationally.

Sullivan University’s National Center for Hospitality Studies has announced that it will end its  professional catering degree program, and redesign the school’s on-campus restaurant so  that it will not require a “chef with the experience Chef Castro has brought to the fine dining concept of Winston’s,” according to press release by the University.

According to a report in Insider Louisville, the catering degree program has seen a large drop in the number of enrollees. Those still in the program will be able to complete their studies, but Kim Jones, who heads the program, will be leaving, and no new students will be enrolled in that culinary track.

Sullivan’s culinary program enrollment had been increasing for a while, Steve Coomes reported in his Insider Louisville story, but improvements in the economy seem to have decreased the number of people who turned to culinary studies as a career change.

John Castro, who oversaw Winston’s as a learning lab for culinary students, was with Sullivan for over two decades. Insider Louisville reported that the decision to leave was mutual. Castro has been consulting chef and minority partner in Yang Kee Noodle since its inception. That fast-casual Asian fusion restaurant will soon be opening a third location in the Highlands.