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The World’s Most Expensive, Oldest Cocktail Costs $8,835

Seriously, that's no typo. Nearly nine-grand for a drink. We like to get our cocktails on, but boy, that's serious coin for a few sips of cognac that predates this nation's founding! Still, it's an interesting story. Click...

Wine Spectator’s new WineRatings+ app now available in iTunes store

Want the quickest and easiest guide available to Wine Spectator’s rankings? The check out its WineRatings+ app at the iTunes store. It enables users to: • Explore Vintage Charts covering 55 of the world’s principal wine regions...

Old World Character with a New Age Spirit – Dumante Verdenoce

Have you tried Dumante, that ancient nutty liqueur sipped for ages in pistachio groves of Sicily? Don’t feel bad if you haven’t, because Dumante has only been out since Fall of 2007, although its rich,...