Copper & Kings, which started out as a brandy distillery, has been testing out several other products, the most recent of which is their Alley Cat gin, released last week.

The limited release, small batch, artisanal gin was double distilled in a Vendome copper pot still from an apple-brandy base, infused with classic gin botanicals. The result was aged for 22 months in a Kentucky Bourbon barrel, which gives the liquor a tan color, though Brandon O’Daniel, the head distiller, said in a press release that it was not as dark as they expected.

Only 750 375mL bottles were produced, and are being sold at the distillery store, 1121 E. Washington St., with a few bottles going to select bars and liquor stores.

O’Daniel describes his newest concoction as having an aroma that is “piney, juniper and citrus forward, but quite earthy and a little woodsy.” The taste, O’Daniel writes,  is “very balanced and surprisingly little overt bourbon notes like vanilla with faint fennel and spicy cinnamon on the back end. Just a hint of orange blossom,” with a finish that is “silky smooth with no sharp edges. Not spiky or hot, but quite clean and crisp, but definitely a creamy mouth-feel.”

Alley Cat gin is priced at $40 per 375mL bottle