Dare to Care will host a mobile food pantry tomorrow at the L&N building at the corner of 9th and Broadway from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. The mobile pantry makes food assistance readily available to those who come and request it. 

“The Louisville pantry program is designed to get food into neighborhoods where there is a need for food assistance, but perhaps there isn’t a traditional pantry or other means folks can easily access, said Dare to Care Director of Policy and Planning Stan Siegwald. “Placing it at the L&N property at 9th and Broadway helps us address a neighborhood where there is quite a need and there isn’t an abundance of nonprofit food pantry assistance. The real significance is that when people need food assistance, there are a lot of other thing going on in their lives that put them in the place of food instability, and the L&N building makes accessible other services that can help stabilize their lives.”

He went on to say, “Every site is different. It could be 200 to 350 people who get food assistance. We’ll know more tomorrow. A lot of times, it is weather dependent or there are other factors that determine how many come.”

Dare to Care Food Bank is a local nonprofit agency with a mission to lead the community to feed the hungry and conquer the cycle of need.  In the past twelve months, Dare to Care distributed over 20 million meals in eight Kentucky and five Indiana counties.