Tonight, Wednesday, June 22, Against the Grain, 401 E. Main St. will celebrate a collaboration between AtG and Gigantic Brewing Co. of Portland, Oregon, with a Bottle Party tasting of a new brew that they call Finga Lickn’ Good.

The new brew is a Kentucky Common style brewed with Belgian crystal malt to brighten it up, and soured in the kettle. To “Oregonian-ize” the beer AtG aged it in Oregon’s finest Pinot wine barrels. The result is a sour ale that’s Finga Lickn’ Good.

The beer will be bottled with a unique label, featuring the three brewers involved with its creation riding disembodied fingers. Jay Howell, notably known for his characters on Bob’s Burgers, designed the label.

According to a press release, this beer is the only Gigantic Brewing Company brew in Kentucky and is only available here and in Oregon. At the Bottle Party, guests can sample the new beer, eat some hot chicken, and watch Bob’s Burgers.

For more information call 502-515-0174 or go to