“I am going to get it up and running, and then as it grows I’m put more in. The infrastructure is already pretty good. But when you walked into the Gasthaus, it was like it was kind of like little Germany. I’m trying to turn it into little Thailand now.”
— Katherine Aphaivongs, owner of All Thai’d Up

It feels almost disrespectful to Katherine Aphaivongs, who is bringing her All Thai’d Up to 4812 Brownsboro Center in July, to continue referencing her predecessor in the space.

But as Aphaivongs herself understands, for years to come people are going to be poking their heads through the door and asking whatever happened to the German place. In fact, although it’s been a year since Gasthaus German Restaurant closed, a great many of us have chosen as yet to exist in a state of counter-productive denial. I plead guilty. That’s just the way it goes, given that Gashaus was a hall-of-fame type of operation.

Enough of that.

Speaking only for myself, the plan is to visit All Thai’d Up as quickly as possible once business hours commence, rid the cranial cavity of cobwebs and nostalgia, and maybe launch a brand new Thai flavor tradition.

All Thai’d Up to open new restaurant in the former Gasthaus location, by Michael L. Jones (Louisville Business First)

This is the second physical location for All Thai’d Up, which opened its first restaurant in January 2022 at 211 S. Fifth St. in Downtown Louisville. That fast-causal location closed in May.

All Thai’d Up owner Katherine Aphaivongs blamed the closure on the dearth of Downtown office workers. Aphaivongs had added a deli to the location in order to increase business at the Thai restaurant, but it wasn’t enough to keep it going.

The new restaurant will located in the same shopping center as Noosh Nosh and Anoosh Bistro, so Aphaivongs expects to benefit from the foot traffic and its proximity to East End neighborhoods.

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