(Full disclosure: Common Haus Hall is one of the three employers of your faithful digital editor)

This evening Joe Phillips, owner of Common Haus Hall (134 Spring Street in Jeffersonville) released a statement on social media disclosing that the German restaurant will close on February 19 after a final week of trade.

Here’s the text.

“Noch einer beißt ins Gras”

We are so grateful for all of YOU that have made this journey an amazing experience.

We pulled off the impossible against impossible odds.

Opening late, staff issues galore, so many road closures we lost count the list goes on.

And THIS AMAZING staff that is here did the best job possible.

We will be closing our doors February 19.

Come have a whole week blow out party with us, live music, LITER MUGS for sale! Beer and food specials all week.

You will see us again, when the time and space is right, one door closes only to open endless possibilities.


Next week at “Hip Hops” I’ll update this story from the perspective of beer.