Copper & Kings distillery has been slowly expanding its retail offerings, moving from brandy to absinthe to gin from their pot stills to premium sodas and now to street food. B-Town Pie Co. is the offshoot now offering lunch and snack “pies” from one of the re-purposed shipping containers that surround the striking open courtyard at the distillery.

In European cuisines, they are called pasties (with a short “a”, to distinguish them from the classic accouterment of exotic dancers). In Southern American cuisine, they have long been called hand pies – but the concept (pastry rounds filled with sweet or savory fillings, folded in half and then baked or fried) is indigenous to many ethnic cuisines, and called turnovers, pierogis, calzones or even, God help us, Hot Pockets.

B-Town Pie serves the hand-made lunch pies daily from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Savory selections include vegetarian colcannon or Chana Masala (priced at $5), and beef burgundy, chicken pot pie or Polynesian al pastor for $6 each. A $5 dessert Apple-Brandied Pie is also available. Locally produced Spudz potato chips and a selection of Butchertown sodas complete the menu.

As reported in Insider Louisville,  Joe Heron, owner of Copper & Kings, wanted to draw in the neighborhood during the day by offering food, and he and his staff brainstormed a number of ideas, including food trucks, but lit on the pasties idea because it was different, and was part of Heron’s South African culinary tradition.