Yes, the movie will be screened in the private dining room at Seviche, 1538 Bardstown Rd. on Monday and Tuesday, Jan. 16 and 17, at 6 p.m.  But the feast that Babette creates for the dour Danish townspeople will also be served, including the famous Caille en Sarcophage, the whole quail “entombed” in a puff pastry shell.

(In the movie, the one sophisticated diner in the town, a visitor, exclaims with delight when he sees the dish, and then eagerly picks up the head of the bird and sucks out its brains. It is one of the great memorable eating moments in film, in my estimation, right up there with the omelet prepared at the end of “Big Night.”)

The entire menu will be onion soup, blini with caviar, an endive salad with apple and bleu cheese, the quail, and a baba au rhum (a rich rum cake). There will be a cocktail reception and wine pairings with each course, for $95.

Call (502) 473-8560.