Mirin’s second location in New Albany has closed, owner Griffin Paulin revealed in an emotional Facebook post this morning. 

“Mirin New Albany has closed. It came down to closing that location now, or closing both locations in a few weeks.”

It was a bumpy ride for Paulin’s second Mirin location, which opened on Main Street in New Albany six months ago.

“We had some bad breaks, sure – everybody does. We didn’t see enough traffic to offset them,” writes Paulin. “Closing a restaurant means telling people they’re out of a job. And I had to tell several people that today. It was hard. It’s hard to tell good, loyal employees that they no longer have a job, to no fault of their own. Not to mention I consider these people friends.”

Paulin adds that he’s found other jobs for all the displaced employees.

Recently opened eateries in downtown New Albany include The Standard Plate & Pour and Boomtown Kitchen, both situated within eyesight of Mirin New Albany.

This story is breaking, and Paulin notes that an official announcement is forthcoming. Our post will be updated accordingly.