Jared Matthews had plans to make changes to the venerable Café Lou Lou, 106 Sears Ave. when he bought it from founder Clay Wallace last spring. Now those changes have begun, starting with a name change. When looking for a dining spot in St. Matthews, now look for Lou Lou Food + Drink.

Matthews’ chef Jon Pauly is adding even more Cajun focus to the menu, even as he is also adding an emphasis on healthy eating, including gluten-free options.

The restaurant took on its new identity last weekend, featuring a crawfish boil and live music last Saturday. The special re-opening party benefited Love City, a Portland community center that offers educational, sports and arts programs.

Matthews is also managing partner of Diamond Pub & Billiards, and if all goes well, he is thinking of opening additional Lou Lous, perhaps one in the Middletown area and, possibly, branching out to Lexington.