Volare’s executive chef and operating partner Josh Moore will join the ranks of Louisville-area chefs who have competed on the Food Network’s cooking show “Chopped” tomorrow night, Tuesday, Jan. 15 at 9 p.m. He will be appearing on episode 8 of season 38 of the popular show.

Chef Moore is known to his Facebook friends for his happy photo displays of often gigantic fresh fish that he has flown in to his Clifton restaurant at 2300 Frankfort Ave. That experience with unusual fish might help him in his challenge, which is focused on seafood. But since the episode is entitled “Deadly Catch,” and the show is known for its surprisingly quirky combinations of ingredients that the competitors have to devise into tasting and visually arresting dishes, his ability to cook black grouper, Norwegian halibut, Florida wreckfish and other uncommon finned fish at his restaurant may or may not give him a leg up on the competition.

Moore said in a phone interview that the show really puts the competitors under a lot of pressure. “The time restraints and not knowing ingredients ahead of time is really how the show operates,” he said.  “It was one of the most challenging culinary things I’ve done in my now 25-year career. As challenging and crazy as it was, it was a good experience to be outside my comfort zone and to try something new.”

Moore couldn’t talk further about the details of his challenges, but after the show airs tomorrow night, he will be able to sit down with Food & Dining to elaborate on what odd things he was confronted with, and how he went about solving the challenge of making a salad, entrée and dessert from what he was presented.

His viewing party at Volare sold out very quickly, but you can watch in the comfort of your home on the Food Channel at 9 p.m.