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Our resident coffee and tea expert David Lange offers interesting and insightful columns about the wonderful bean & leaf

Tips for Better Coffee at Home.

We’ve all had that magical moment when at a coffeehouse, a neighborhood diner, or an upscale restaurant, you tipped up your coffee cup and were introduced to that very special memory of coffee that made a difference. The “ah’s” were genuine, sip after sip, but that lingering question still was a menace.  “Why can’t I make this at home?”  “Why doesn't my...

Coffee & Spirits

As summer approaches and with it the heat and humidity starts climbing, everyone looks for ways to stay cool and still enjoy the increased entertainment and festivities that warmer temperatures bring. Cocktails have become more and more creative, and I thought I could introduce coffee to some summertime libations. Before undertaking this project, I knew that I would need a...