For a great many knowing Louisville-area restaurant professionals, not to mention grateful diners, Chris Howerton needs absolutely no introduction. We’ll do so, anyway, for the sake of those just tuning in.

Howerton was a familiar leader in local kitchens for longer than one might imagine, holding the position of executive chef at Zephyr Cove, Bourbons Bistro, Equus, and Corbett’s: An American Place. A few years back, he took a break from “the business” to spend more time with his family, and indulge in his love of the great outdoors.

But now Howerton has returned in a different role, as entrepreneur, with SeasonZ, a full line of seasonings, sauces, marinades, soups and oatmeal.

As they say, “once a chef, always a chef.”

An information release provided details about Howerton’s aims in creating SeasonZ. They’re low sodium, and all vegetables and fruits used are non-GMO. Freeze-dried soups and oatmeal are ready to prepare (with water and heat). Marinades are powdered, and also ready to use by adding water.

Howerton’s SeasonZ products are designed for ease and versatility, and can be used to stock your home kitchen or taken to a remote campsite — and yes, they can also be deployed at one’s weekend Bloody Mary staging area. The chef himself would no doubt recommend doing so prior to Green Bay Packers games.

His entire line can be viewed and purchased at the SeasonZ website and on-line store.