Here’s some news about openings and closings from around the web this week.

First, if you’re in the market for restaurant equipment, dishes or furniture, Bob Evans has closed at  4730 Poplar Level Road, and is selling off everything – dishes, racks, salt and pepper shakers, and liquid dispensers to counters and furniture. Check out their posting on Craigslist here.

Second, Portland is getting a second “pay what you can” non-profit restaurant, according to an email we received. Porkland BBQ is now open at 2519 St. Cecilia St. This restaurant is operated by “Love City,” which is located in  the Mackin Gym at 344 N. 26th St. Love City is a mission that provides an open gym, tutoring,  and job training. The Archdiocese of Louisville donated the St. Cecilia church property to them to expand their programs. They have hosted a weekly fish fry in order to raise money to support their programs, and they moved them over to the St Cecilia property to begin a culinary training program. Porkland BBQ is the front of the house training ground for that program. More on this soon.

Finally, The Courier Journal reported the closing of the Comfy Cow New Albany location at 109 E. Market St. However,  they will be  reopening their location at 1450 Veterans Parkway in Jeffersonville after being closed for the winter.