In the context of human history, social media platforms are no substitute for libraries as the latter pertain to the collected wisdom of the ages.

Until, of course, a post or a tweet leaps out from one’s device and knocks it out of the park.

As of Tuesday morning, Come Back Inn’s post at Facebook (reprinted here) had garnered more than 3,600 likes, almost 800 comments, and been shared one thousand times. It is a rant, yes, but also a perfect summary of the present mood.

It is safe to say that for hundreds of hospitality industry employees, these thoughts possess no less relevance than Abraham Lincoln’s fabled Gettysburg Address. Those who have worked in “the business” instinctively get it. Those who have not, and as yet do not, should try.

Ladies and gentlemen, Come Back Inn has the floor. They’ve been in business for a quarter-century, but legends are always waiting to be born anew.

This is not to every customer and the ones that it is for, you know who you are.
A little ditty about Come Back…

Posted by Come Back Inn on Monday, April 26, 2021


Here is the full text.

“This is not to every customer and the ones that it is for, you know who you are.

“A little ditty about Come Back Inn…

“Last week was the first week we saw the light at the end of the tunnel only to be ran over by the damn ole train. That train being rude ass people.

“We had an employee go to the ER in an ambulance on Friday with stress related TIA (mini stroke) due to the inability for some of y’all to follow a few rules and then feel the need to tell us about it.

“On Saturday we had an insecure, short, (probably short in other areas as well 🤏🙄)man reduce our hostess to tears because his 45 minute wait was now 48 minutes.

“This will not be tolerated ever again. If you can’t be kind you will be escorted off our property. Your actions will determine how that will be handled. ‘Just comply and do as your told’ and I’m sure you will be fine. Sound familiar?!?

“NEVER AGAIN, will anyone speak to my employees in any way other than respect for the royalty that you are in the presence of.

“We’ve all had a rough year but I can guarantee that not one of you that speak to other people the way you do have struggled to the extent that my employees have.

“We are tired. We are survivors. And last but not least, we are sick of the shit and thanks to the assholes we are outta fucks to give.

“Be kind. Have an opinion? Keep it like your asshole-tightly clinched to keep that shit to yourself.

“We would love to continue to serve our city as we have for 25 years but at this rate it is not looking good. This restaurant is not worth the lives of people I love and care about and if they don’t get the energy that they give to you and this restaurant, we will be left with no choice but to hang up our aprons and figure out what the next chapter of our lives bring.

“Peace out!!”