Chef Anoosh Shariat will collaborate with fitness instructor Carlos Rivas in a monthly series of breakfasts at his Noosh Nosh restaurant, 4816 Brownsboro Center, focusing on healthful and mindful eating, and the relationship of food to a more compassionate relationship with others and oneself. The first session will be 9 a.m. Thursday,  Nov. 17.

Shariat has long been an advocate for more healthful cooking, in restaurants and at home, stressing the way more thoughtful eating is related to more thoughtful connections between individuals and their families, communities and their larger world.

Rivas, director of health and well-being for ProFormance, LLC and Shariat’s fitness advisor, will discuss nutrition’s relationship to physical health, athletic performance and exercise physiology.  His emphasis will be on how to develop greater resilience, maximize energy and adapt lifestyle skills for greater mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Shariat, a long-time vegetarian himself, will explore the concept of “mindful eating,” which considers what foods are best to eat,and how our bodies and minds feel about what we consume.

Sessions will continue on the  third Thursday of each month beginning Nov. 17. The cost is $20, which includes breakfast from chef Anoosh, a recipe and tips from both Shariat and Rivas on healthy eating and living.

Call Rebecca at (502) 690-6585.