The rise of breakfast-centric restaurants is an interesting and worthy addition to the dining scene locally. This trend gets a new actor by mid-march with Con Huevos opening in the tiny storefront formerly occupied by Sari Sari at 2339 Frankfort Ave. You will be able to get a lot of Mexican breakfast items, con huevos (with eggs) or without, and you don’t even have to be amused by the cheeky punning name.

(Con huevos is a slang expression that suggests someone is acting with masculine bravado, “ballsy”, if you wish.) The name perhaps is apropos, for the owners, Jesus Martinez and his wife Izmene, are aware that running a successful restaurant will take courage, confidence in their abilities and a lot of hard work.

The menu of 20 or so items will be built on traditional Mexican-style breakfast favorites. Diners can expect to find the familiar huevos rancheros, a dish of eggs atop tortillas, served with tomato sauce, refried beans and avocado. But there will also be chilaquiles, breakfast-style enchiladas (with eggs, of course); frijoladas, churros, and molletes. They also are working up a Mexican pancake concept, using tacos as a base.

Lunch service will offer tortas and tacos for lunch. The tiny space, which can pack in about 25 seats, will also offer take-out service. The Martinezes plan to be open7:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. every day but Monday.