Cooking at the Cottage has released their summer schedule and announced the remodeling of their classroom. They’ve also announced the addition of Milk Street classes. 

 In Fall 2018, Christopher Kimball commissioned about ten cooking schools around the country, including Cooking at the Cottage, to offer his classes in their classrooms. Cottage teachers attended Milk Street Cooking School in Boston and were taught in detail about the Milk Street philosophy of cooking. 
If you follow the Milk Street magazine, television series, or radio show, then you are already aware of the Milk Street approach. Chris Kimball has traveled the world to bring ingredients, spices and techniques back to the home cook. The Milk Street theory is to have a diversity of tastes, textures and sensations in every dish.

Cooking at the Cottage offers several types of classes. While we often list their upcoming events, the description of their different types of classes seemed an interesting bit of information to pass along. You can view their upcoming classes here.

DATE NIGHT is a HANDS ON class, designed as a way for two individuals (a couple, two friends, girl’s night out, family members, etc.) to enjoy an evening together, creating their own meal, socializing with others, and in the process, learning a thing or two! These classes are extremely popular, so sign up early to ensure your spot!  Remember when registering: one table = two individuals, so please reserve the number(s) of tables you desire when making your reservation. 

 is a class where the chef prepares each dish, step by step, as the students follow with a recipe packet and are encouraged to ask questions of the chef. You are served a large appetizer portion of each dish. 

HANDS ON is a class where students work at tables, raised to counter height, use the gas stove, knives, cookware, etc. to prepare each recipe under the direction of the chef instructor. You will be served a large appetizer portion of what is prepared. 

PARTIAL HANDS ON is a class that combines demonstration, lecture and taking a turn at making the “subject food” yourself under the direction of the chef instructor. You will be served a large appetizer portion of each dish. 

BASIC TRAINING & INTERMEDIATE TRAINING are six week, hands on series, where students meet once a week to thoroughly explore various topics & techniques including basic knife skills, stock & sauce making, working with various proteins – beef, chicken, fish & seafood – pasta from scratch, to name a few. You will be served a large appetizer portion of what is prepared each evening. 

GIVE A GIFT CERTIFICATE FOR A COOKING CLASS OR MERCHANDISE – Looking for that perfect gift?  A gift certificate to a class, date night or for merchandise is the answer and can be purchased online! 

HOW TO REGISTER – We have a fantastic line-up of classes coming your way, so choose your favorites and register early to insure your spot!   We will be continuing to add classes to the schedule so check back often!  You can NOW REGISTER ONLINE for your classes or call us at 502-893-6700 to make your reservation!   

CANCELLATION POLICY – Our cancellation & classroom policy has changed and is listed on the last page of this schedule; please take a moment to review before making your reservation.