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With school begun, can the State Fair be far behind? Sweaty students sit antsy in their seats, barely able to contain their eagerness to get out to the fairgrounds to check out the cool stuff to eat, and then go on the wildest rides. A new item at this year’s fair, which begins today, is sure to be a topic of conversation and tut-tutting.

Sivori Catering, long-time fair food purveyor, always tries to come up with something new each year. They made a big splash the last few years, with the over-the-top concoction of a bacon cheeseburger served on a glazed donut for a bun. This year, they have devised a Philly cheese steak burger, also stuffed between a split glazed donut.

Philly cheese steak connoisseurs are sure to get apoplectic, but Kentucky fairgoers are an adventurous bunch when it comes to Fair food, so the combination of steak, onions, peppers and Monterrey Jack cheese on top of an all-beef patty, for $12 has a good chance of being a hit.

The Sivori stand will have long-time favorites like the deep fried Hot Brown on a stick and deep fried derby pie available as well.

There are rumors that a stand on the midway will offer healthier fare such as salads and veggie wraps, but we suspect the lines will be longer at the donut burger stand.