Everyone’s favorite throwback diner, D. Nalley’s is back in business as a diner. Rick Longino, who had been interested in the business since it closed last year, has bought out Jay Shreve’s interest in the business, and opened as a diner again last weekend.

Shreve had planned to open a barbecue restaurant in the classic red and white building at 970 S. Third St., but when his wife suddenly died unexpectedly, he had to turn his attention to his family, and put the building back up for sale. Shreve had done much of the infrastructure work needed to bring the building up to code, such as moving the bathrooms to the main floor, and upgrading some kitchen fixtures. Those improvements made it possible for Longino to move in with minimal extra work.

The new iteration of D. Nalley’s is currently serving breakfast and lunch, with breakfast orders available all day, beginning a 8 a.m., seven days a week.  Lunch service begins at 10:30, and the restaurant is open until 3 p.m. Longino plans to add dinner as he and his 5-person staff shake down and get their rhythm going. He also has plans to expand into delivery service, and to do off-site catering.

In a phone interview, Longino said some of the old regulars from the neighborhood have come in, and are helping in getting the word out the D. Nalley’s is back in business. Longino has hired three of the former D. Nalley’s employees, and added two more of his old friends to fill out his staff. For a look at his menu, click here