A year ago at Food & Dining Magazine, we observed as Kathy Aphaivongs took her popular All Thai’d Up food truck indoors to 211 S. 5th Street, serving curries, papaya salad and veggie stir fry, plus classic Thai dishes like pad see ew and pad thai, which she described “straightforward Thai, no BS, no Americanism.”

All Thai’d Up, a tale in which a food truck finds a storefront

Fast forward to the here and now, and Aphaivongs has recasted, doubling down on daytime hours and adding Deli by All Thai’d Up to her lunchtime arsenal, with an assortment of traditional (read: not Thai) deli sandwiches, from chicken salad through corned beef and a club.

She explains:

So we did a thing! Our downtown location did not perform well for dinner. Unless there was a convention in town, we did not get very my visitors, so we decided to close for dinners and double down on lunches. Since Chef Kat is only half Thai, she’s decided to bring out her American side and opened up an American style deli!

The deli is located right next to the Thai restaurant and shares the same dining room. We have sandwiches and yummy sides. We also have catering options. Check out the menu https://www.toasttab.com/deli