Apron Inc. is a non-profit who provides limited financial aid to professionals who work in locally owned restaurants and locally run food and beverage industry-based establishments in the Louisville Metro area. You can help this non-profit provide financial relief to clients who have had an injury,  illness or other life hardship by dining out for the 6th Annual Dine-Around event on Wednesday, February 21. (Read more for a list of participating restaurants.)

“APRON Inc was a pivotal part of helping sustain my household during a harrowing event in my life,” said Corbett’s employee Torrie Turner. “ I suffered an acute stroke in August 2017; without the grant from APRON there was a definite chance to lose much of what I work so hard for. I’ve worked in the service industry over twenty years, but this was the first circumstance for needing assistance in a timely fashion. I feel indebted and thankful for the boundless empathy and compassion that APRON provides.”

Thanks to fundraisers and other support, Apron Inc was able to give out over $100,000 in grants over the last two years. You can participate in this year’s fundraiser by having breakfast, lunch or dinner at one of the following restaurants on Wednesday (up to date complete list on their site):

Against the Grain
Anoosh Bistro
August Moon
Barrelhouse on Market
Bourbons Bistro
Brasserie Provence
Bristol Bar and Grille (all locations)
Butchertown Grocery
Butchertown Pizza
Cafe Lou Lou
Chik’n & Mi
Coal’s Artisan Pizza
Cuvee Wine Table
Dish on Market
Fat Lamb
Gospel Bird
Hull and Highwater
Irish Rover
Karem’s Grill
La Chasse
Noosh Nosh
Red Herring
River House
Uptown Cafe

Photography courtesy of Apron, Inc