Dish on Market (434 W. Market) has ceased operations after a decade of food, drink and daily remembrances of a President who enjoyed his morning tipple.

Dish on Market is a value-based neighborhood bar offering everything from Truman’s Breakfast (the President liked a shot of bourbon with his daily egg) to the #1 burger in the city. Built in 1904 as the first motion picture theatre in the city, it eventually became a coffee saloon (code for bar).

The owning Grissom family explained the closure at Dish on Market’s web site, mentioning COVID-related “phases and restrictions,” but without reference to other factors. 

Permanently Closed
It has been very emotional for our family to make a decision on the future of Dish On Market but unfortunately 2020 has made it impossible for us to continue operations. While originally, we had every intention of keeping open our doors, it became obvious as time went on that this was not going to happen.
We sincerely apologize for taking so long to communicate. Things were changing so fast with reopening phases and restrictions that it took us until just recently to make a final determination. After so many years in business, we have so many dedicated customers and a staff who have been like family to us. We can’t thank them enough for all of the support. We will miss all of you very much.