A few items of interest for random Sunday reading …

From Cuisine Noir, there’s an initiative to help close the racial equity gap in craft beer.

The Crowns & Hops “8 Trill Pils Fund,” is launching with utilizing a $100,000 grant provided by BrewDog, Scottish craft brewer, and will support Black owners with the opening of their breweries. Details on the fund, including, who is eligible and how recipients will be selected, will be announced in the coming weeks on 8TrillPils.org.
“There are more than 8,000 craft breweries in the U.S. Of those, around 60 are Black-owned. The craft beer industry is a prime example of racial disparity in our country – Black people are vastly underrepresented in the business of brewing, creating a significant, untapped economic opportunity,” says Teo Hunter, Co-Founder of Crowns & Hops.

Over at Churchill Downs, Chef David Danielson has released his cook-it-yourself-at-home menu for Kentucky Derby 146. Given what we’re all enduing this year, it’s perfectly acceptable to riff from Danielson’s recipes, assemble Julep ingredients, enable a media feed and pretend you’re at the track on Saturday.

For the second consecutive year, Churchill Downs’ Executive Chef David Danielson has created an accompanying at-home Derby menu, featuring unique, easy-to-make versions of the dishes he prepares for the racetrack’s dining rooms. Enjoying the Kentucky Derby at home is the perfect occasion for foodies everywhere to indulge in good food and drink, while bringing a taste of the racetrack’s iconic cuisine into their homes. From Sweet Potato Hummus to Henry Bain Steak Burger Sliders and Bourbon Rice Crispy Treats, the at-home selections present a Triple Crown-worthy spread of festive recipes that pair perfectly with Woodford Reserve Bourbon.

Swizzle Dinner & Drinks at the Galt House Hotel has opened for business. Dundee Tavern and the Back Door have combined to sue the state of Kentucky, alleging that pandemic-related shutdowns and regulations are “arbitrary, capricious and inherently unfair.”

Meanwhile, a helpful news release solves a mystery: Jeffersonville’s “famous” Parlour pizzeria, established in 2017, will open a second location on Frankfort Avenue in Louisville, until recently the home of Crescent Hill Craft House. Both restaurant are/were owned by the Craft Culture Concepts group.

The news cycle can lead to thirst, and accordingly, Chef Edward Lee joined Esquire and Cointreau on Friday to share his thoughts on the original Margarita cocktail (recipe included)

To close today’s survey, an indisputably fascinating tale at Atlas Obscura. The Sifter website warns that it’s still in development, but don’t let this fact prevent you from diving in:

The Sifter is a publicly available searchable database and is designed to be a tool to aid in finding, identifying and comparing historical and contemporary writing on food and related topics. It is overseen by an advisory board of rotating members of the Oxford Symposium on Food & Cookery as well as other friends of food history.

A Database of 5,000 Historical Cookbooks Is Now Online, and You Can Help Improve It, by Reina Gattuso

Cover photo credit: The Sifter