A number of changes will be taking place on Goss Ave. in the near future, but the one that concerns diners the most is the news that El Camino has decided on a site to build a new, smaller restaurant.

That new restaurant will be part of a complicated shuffle of businesses, according to a story in Insider Louisville. Yesternook, the antique mall owned by Lynn Gould, is to be sold to a legal firm, Bahe Cook Cantley & Nefzger PLC, for their offices. Gould will relocate her antique business to the former Smoketown USA space at the corner of Oak and Logan Streets, which Gould and her husband Eric own. El Camino will build a brand-new 4,000-square-foot space on the land next to the YesterNook building.

The sharing of the lot with the law firm is possible because one of the partners, Shawn Cantley, is also a partner in El Camino, which up until last year operated on Bardstown Rd. before renting that space to the chicken restaurant The Eagle. Cantley, along with an assortment of other partners, also has ownership interests in The Silver Dollar and The Pearl, a bar further down Goss Ave. 

Lynn Gould expects to close Yesternook at the end of February and open in the Shelby Park location in March. Bahe Cook Cantley & Nefzger PLC will renovate the Yesternook building (which once was a funeral home) into law offices. The parking area will be used by the law offices during the day, and by the new El Camino restaurant patrons in the evening.

The new El Camino will be smaller than the space on Bardstown Rd, will have sizable patio, and though some changes are anticipated in the menu, the look and feel of the tiki bar won’t change much. The large size of the Bardstown Rd. space, which had been several restaurant concepts over the years, turned out to be uneconomical for the El Camino concept. The smaller space Cantley envisions will allow a better execution of what they want to do.