As Faces chef/owner Eric Morris relates in this post from Facebook last week, year-long soft openings are not entirely optimal, but the maze has been navigated, much has been learned, and the time has arrived to be a bit more conventional about it.

A message/important update from the owner and staff:

Hey….What’s up!? Enjoying this gorgeous day I hope! We certainly…

Posted by Faces Bar/Bistro on Monday, April 5, 2021

Faces Bar/Bistro

A message/important update from the owner and staff:

Hey….What’s up!? Enjoying this gorgeous day I hope! We certainly are because it’s our day off 🥂. We’ve got some changes being made around here for the better and we wanted to let all you fine people know! (I’ll try and keep this brief for ya)

It’s no secret if you’ve been following us that we opened in the beginning of this wild pandemic. Our initial opening date was supposed to be April 1st, 2020, which ended up being during the shutdown 😡😢. Our entire initial concept and brand had to be put on hold to pivot the restrictions that followed.

Our hours became limited, along with our tiny staff, and the food rotated nearly every week as we figured out a way to keep things fresh, made sure what we cooked could travel well in boxes, etc….it’s been a weird year.

We’re now beginning the process of embracing our initial idea and brand as more people become vaccinated. Soon you will see a lot of changes. We are stocking up the bar for a whole new line of cocktails, spirits, wines, new beers, and fun ideas for items on draft since we have 30 taps at our disposal.

Our menu will move into a more permanent and focused concept utilizing lots of creative small plates while keeping the “hits” that you’ve learned to love. Lots of Asian, spanish, and fusion influences along with vegan/vegetarian dishes with some classic pub fare mixed in. We want you to try new things and not have to break the bank in doing so.

So what’s Faces and why the name? Well….back in the pre covid days of long ago we dreamed up this idea of having a fun and funky “keep highlands weird” idea we wanted to bring to the table. It was originally built as a counter/bar service model only, and we had all these funny pictures of celebrities, both local and nationally known, and instead of getting a number for your table, you got a random person, who we then would call out your person when your food was ready and you had to own-up to whoever you had. Silly, I know, but we’re all a little weird haha.

This transition will take a little time but it will be happening soon. We will be open later, have a few lunch/brunches, and will commit to those hours of operation. Thanks so much for all of your support while we kind of waited this thing out! We’ll keep you posted, it’s going to be amazing ❤❤. Cheers!

Also…..we’re hiring for all positions!

Morris saved the riddle for last; now that openings and reopenings are on the Louisville area culinary horizon, will there be enough workers to go around?

Faces Bar/Bistro vitals:

Address: 1604 Bardstown Rd, Louisville, KY 40205
Phone: (502) 742-6403
Current limited hours for dine in and carry out: Wednesday – Saturday, 5:00 p.m. to close