Here’s a quick “Pick 3” of cucumber juice, bacon and chutney — or, three iconic Louisville sandwiches incorporating these ingredients, as ranked in the top 99 nationally by Food Network, along with a local restaurant selected for eating them.

Our diligent publisher John Carlos White spotted this mouthwatering list, and it’s definitely not your everyday click bait slide show. The three chosen Louisville sandwiches are described here, but you’re encouraged to view the others here: The Best Sandwiches in America.

Benedictine: La Peche Gourmet-To-Go
“Sometime in the late 1800s Louisville native Jennie Benedict mashed together cream cheese, cucumber juice, onion juice and seasonings into a spread. That simple combination has gone on to become a mainstay during Derby week, when locals chow down on it as a dip or between slices of bread. But it’s a yearlong staple at La Peche Gourmet-To-Go, which is attached to Lilly’s Bistro. There, acclaimed chef Kathy Cary makes a crunchy, cucumber-rich version that’s even better than the original recipe and is especially attractive sandwiched together with some crispy bacon and crunchy lettuce.”

Hot Brown: Brown Hotel
“This creamy, open-faced turkey sandwich was created to recharge the batteries of dinner-dance patrons when Chef Fred Schmidt introduced it to the Brown Hotel’s menu back in 1926. Schmidt piled sliced turkey atop a piece of toast, covered it with Mornay sauce, adorned it with Roma tomato halves and toast points, passed the lot under a hot broiler and added crisp bacon slices. Now a Kentucky sensation, the Hot Brown has spawned numerous best-of competitions. Try one where it was created.”

Chicken Salad: The Cheddar Box
“Americans have been mixing chicken with mayonnaise since the 1700s to serve on salads, in lettuce cups, heck even straight out of the bowl, but everyone knows it’s really best in a sandwich. One favorite place to try the classic is the homey Cheddar Box in Louisville, Kentucky. Using the freshest ingredients, the lunch hotspot prepares three different versions. Its world-famous features homemade mayo and celery. The curry incorporates chutney mayonnaise, red onion, celery, grapes and almonds. And the honey-pecan can turn even the most ardent savory-sweet hater around with its vibrant blend of honey mayonnaise, dried cranberries, celery and pecan. Get your pick tucked inside white, whole wheat, marbled rye or a butter bun.”

Speaking personally, that smoked beef tongue sandwich from Shapiro’s Deli in Indianapolis looks pretty good …