“I’m too busy to be scared. Sometimes I feel a little scared, but if you’re gonna get me, just get me, ’cause I got dough to make.”
— Max Balliet, Pizza Lupo

At the Courier Journal, Dahlia Ghabour has an outstanding pre-Halloween survey of ghostly goings-on at restaurants and bars in Louisville, including stories from Pizza Lupo3rd Turn Brewing, Sweet Surrender Dessert CafeHilltop Tavern and Meta.

Pizza with a side of ghosts? Inside some of Louisville’s most haunted bars and restaurants

As it turns out, Louisville’s restaurants and bars are just as old — and just as haunted — as those famous, historic downtown buildings. Restaurant and bar staff all over Louisville have seen strange things: pizza trays flying off shelves, glasses shattering out of nowhere, doors slamming and even apparitions, human form or not.
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