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The Hot Brown at Gorilla Bob’s Grub Shack is only the tip of the iceberg

Gorilla Bob’s Grub Shack (8503 Terry Road in Pleasure Ridge Park) numbers a best-selling Hot Brown among the carry-out eatery’s diverse offerings, including a Reuben (today’s cover photo), Meatball Sandwich, Philly Cheesesteak, Cuban, and much more.

The portions are large, and the line forms early at the window of a very small building. But ever escalating summer temperatures have made working life difficult for owners Bob Raymer and his wife Alicia.

Michael L. Jones explains at Louisville Business First.

Diners rally to save ‘hidden gem’ Louisville restaurant as owner feels the heat

The restaurant is supposed to be open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday. But (Bob) Raymer said it is hard for him to put in a full day’s work when the temperature outside is more than 90 degrees because it gets extremely hot in his 80-square-foot kitchen.

Some of Gorilla Bob’s customers suggested a GoFundMe campaign to pay for air conditioning and upgrade the kitchen: Gorilla Bob’s … the Saga continues.

Here’s an excerpt, penned by the owners.

For those that don’t know inside the shack you will find, a propane grill, a propane fryer, a 500-degree oven, and an average of 2-3 staff, all accompanied with no air and no heat both that prevent us from providing consistencies in the days and times that we can open. We understand the aggravation and inconvenience that this may bring to the community and even our most loyal customers at times, however the health and safety of our staff and ourselves will always be a priority. Closing not only impacts the reputation of our place, but also directly affects our family as well, so please know that any decision that is made, has been carefully thought out and thoroughly discussed.

The saga continues, the show must go on, and now there’s also Gorilla Bob TV at YouTube, where an entertaining Episode One recently was posted.

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