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Bristol Bar & Grille will mark its 40th year in business this year with a gala party this fall. To lead up to that big event, the Highlands location, 1321 Bardstown Rd., is rolling back its beer prices to 1977 levels, which will be in place until May 1.

The lower prices will pertain to all of their inventory — from local and regional beers on tap to domestic bottles to hard-to-find ciders. You will find prices such as 10-ounce drafts starting at $1.50; 20-ounce drafts starting at $2.75; Craft and import bottles starting at $1.75; and all domestic bottles (Miller, Bud, Coors, etc.) at $1.25.

Even high-end boutique brews will be discounted, such as Bruery’s Belgian-style beer Jardinier. Nnormally a $12-$15 bottle, it will be $8.75.

The prices began on Friday, Feb. 17, and will continue through May 1.