Well, that pretty cool-looking building just down Bardstown Rd. from Jack Fry’s, across the street from that sort of cool-looking KFC Eleven store, finally revealed itself as a second local outlet for the California Mellow Mushroom pizza chain. And, after a fairly long construction period, it has finally opened Monday, Feb. 9. And a pretty cool addition to the dining choices in the Highlands it seems to be.

Although the emphasis is on pizzas with funky names–Kosmic Karma, Magical Mystery Tour, Holy Shiitake Pie, Thai Dye, Mellowterranean–the menu also offers almost a dozen appetizers, from Magic Mushroom Soup to hummus to roasted chicken wings; salads (including a-build-your-own from a choice of fruits and vegetables, nuts, cheeses and proteins); calzones and hoagies. Since this is a California chain, there is a choice of gluten-free crust, of course. The dessert menu offers things like Tie-Dyed Cheesecake and an Abita Root Beer Float.

The lively two-story space is bound to be a draw in itself. The first floor is noisy, with a half-dozen TV screens and a bar backed with a wall of several dozen craft beer taps. The beer menu is clearly organized by beer style, with good, if somewhat technical descriptions of beers from all over the country, including a nice selection of local brews.

Upstairs is a second bar, this one a generous-sized ring in the middle of a large room, that opens onto a pleasant patio looking out onto Bardstown Rd. The ambience and all those beer taps will be sure to attract a large crowd eager to see the newest thing, so check it out so you can be in the heart of the conversation.