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We love pointing out bargains when we find them, and this is a super one you might want to jump on quickly.

Henry’s Place Restaurant (4864 Brownsboro Road) is hosting a special wine dinner featuring its pan-European cuisine paired with the estate wines of Melville Vineyards & Winery.

According to a news release, this limited-seating dinner will be held at 7 p.m. June 12.

The five-course meal, prepared by executive chef Charles Reed, will be buttressed by wine from Melville Vineyards & Winery, a family-owned and operated estate located in the Santa Rita Hills Appellation of Lompoc, Calif.

Hosted by Kenny Andreozzi of Vanguard Wines and partnered with retailer Westport Whiskey & Wine (1115 Herr Lane), the dinner costs just $55 (tax and gratuity not included). Please call 502-690-6585 for reservations.

Reed’s regular menu, though not cheap, has always been an affordable luxury since the restaurant opened last year. Perhaps that’s why the place stays so busy in what many thought would be a challenging location.

Take a gander at this menu. This bargain compares even some of those offered at Varanese, whose wine dinners are among the most affordably best in the city.

  • Appetizer: Iceland halibut atop fresh Hass avocado, pea tendril, buerre blanc, rouge and vert, paried with Melville Verna’s Estate Chardonnay
  • Soup: consommé Richea’s, a double strength chicken broth with poached bone marrow, celestine galantine, paired with Melville Verna’s Estate Pinot Noir
  • Intermezzo: watermelon vodka
  • Entrée: café De Paris mixed grille, poele of filet mignon, duck breast and China shrimp atop cheddar polenta, tomato Dubarry of spaghetti squash and cauliflower, duchess potato filled with mushroom cream, paired with Melville Sta. Rita Pinot Noir
  • Salad: spring sorrell and baby spinach….roasted Roma and Romano dressing, paired with Melville Sta. Rita Pinot Noir
  • Dessert: double chocolate betty cake … and a rabbit (Reed always has a dessert surprise).