Since 2004, Sandy Pike, her daughter Mae, and the chefs at Home Cuisine have prepped, cooked, and delivered more than a million meals. We count government officials, prominent business owners, actors, students, and busy folks from all walks of life among our customers.

Meal delivery services are where the convenience of dining at home meets restaurant quality. The utility of meal delivery touched numerous bases even before the pandemic, including the obvious benefits for the homebound and seniors, as well as those among us who wish not to cook, but to enjoy the nutritional (and flavor) creations of someone who does.

As a prominent example in Louisville, Home Cuisine is celebrating 16 years in business, and recently enlisted Chef Ellen Gill McCarty (formerly of Science Hill Inn) to help develop a line of special senior meals.

“After working on the fine-tuning of the Silver Line Meal Plan, we are so excited to start offering this to folks all-around the Louisville area,” Mae Pike said in an information release. “These traditional meals are as comforting as they were when your mom made them or when you made them for your kids (and they) might be a little bit healthier.”

The release also provides a helpful introduction to the company, which was founded in 2004.

Home Cuisine caters to all offering classic breakfast, lunch and dinner; weekly Paleo Meals, Keto 14-Day meal plans and a 3-Day Sampler plan. As a Home Cuisine client, you can receive up to 3 meals a day, 7 days a week, delivered right to your doorstep. Deliveries are made twice a week. All meals are professionally curated and prepared using the finest, freshest ingredients possible. Home Cuisine recipes never use white flour, sugar, canned ingredients or bad trans fats. Instead, our recipes contain fresh seasonal fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, utilizing local, organic ingredients as often and as much as possible.

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