Hometown Brewing Company (4041 Preston Highway) is the “house” brewery of Craft House Pizza. The story goes something like this.

Tom Brown, part-owner of the family-owned regional Hometown Pizza chain, bought the Cumberland Brews production brewery from childhood friend Mark Allgeier and moved it to Preston Highway near Muhammad Ali International Airport.

Then Brown departed Hometown Pizza, retaining four of its pizzerias, rebranding them as Craft House Pizza. Fittingly Hometown (the brewery) has brought back Cumberland Red, originally formulated by the late Matt Gould. Old-timers like me appreciate that.

But today we speak of Foxbody 5.0, chosen by Beer Connoisseur Magazine among its 100 Top-Rated beers of 2022.

The text:

100 Top-Rated Beers of 2022 in The Beer Connoisseur Magazine has us placed at #58 with our Foxbody 5.0.

“On the first sip, the flavor is malty with layers of toasted breadcrumbs and rich melanoidins. The spicy hops were low and provided just enough character to balance the malt. The bitterness is low as well and with no residual sweetness, this is a very clean lager indeed. The finish is short and malty dry, which begs for another thirst-quenching sip. A medium body and moderately low carbonation give it a slight creaminess, making it very agreeable in the palate. The flavors make this beer hard to put down and the low ABV helps make this eminently drinkable after a long day.” – Jim Koebel Dan Martich

Congrats to Ellis & Tom on being the only Kentucky Brewery who submitted and made the list.

The full review is online at https://beerconnoisseur.com/articles/winter-2023-issue-64