For the second year in a row, Bourbons Bistro was awarded Bar of the Year (2023), a sub-category of the prestigious Icons of Whisky awards presented by American Whisky Magazine.

The Icons of Whisky Awards “recognize the people, places and products that complete the whole dynamic of the whisky industry.” At a ceremony held at the Brown Hotel on February 9, Bourbons Bistro co-founder Jason Brauner accepted the award.

The Food & Dining Magazine profile of Bourbons Bistro appeared in the Fall 2019 issue: “Putting the Urban in Bourbon.” If “bourbonism” has become the city of Louisville’s unofficial civic mantra, and it certainly has, any survey of the doctrine’s historical formation must begin at 2255 Frankfort Avenue.

(Jason) Brauner and (John) Morrison opened Bourbons Bistro in 2005. Call it cosmic, karmic or just a well-turned business plan, but their Frankfort Avenue refuge became an instant classic, primarily because Brauner and Morrison scanned the cluttered landscape of gimmicky bar and restaurant concepts, settling on a unifying principle so incredibly obvious as to be invisible: Bourbon.

Profile — The Bourbons Bistro Legacy