Like a couple of college kids who got bored and started piling random delicious ingredients on tortillas, Charlie Neal and Steve Higdon of the Kentucky Taco Company have been offering the weird, the bizarre and delicious tacos, chimichangas and other unique dishes from a food truck for the last two and ½ years. Now, they’re planning to open their first Brick and Mortar in April at 502 Warnock Street near the University of Louisville. They also plan to start home delivery.

They describe their cuisine by saying on their Facebook page, “We passionately seek out only the most amazing flavors from around the world and find new ways to combine these flavors with familiar and comforting southern style recipes then place them on a edible catalyst you can hold in your hands. Or as we like to think of it, soul food served on a tortillas.”

They also refer to their menu offerings as  “craft tacos:” the menu features dishes like the Fried Chicken Mac and Cheese Taco, the BBQ Vegan Taco, and the Roasted Pork Taco: braised pork and tomato jam with shredded cabbage, cilantro and smoked tomatillo sour cream.