Lee’s Korean Restaurant1941 Bishop Ln #107, the first Korean restaurant to open in Louisville way back in1980, is celebrating 35 years in business with a complete interior remodel.

The An family bought the restaurant from the original owners, the Yis, in 2001. Kyoungmee Kate Byun, Assistant Professor of Interior Design at UofL, and a friend of the An family, offered her services and consultation in the renovation of the restaurant.

The interior has a new color scheme, updated furniture and lighting fixtures, wall decorations and window treatments. The layout of the restaurant has been re-imagined, with some walls removed, and new ones installed, and the kitchen has been updated as well.

The menu, too, has been updated, with the removal of some of the less popular items and five new dishes added. The Sahcheoltang, a goat meat stew with sesame leaf, is sure to appeal to adventurous local diners.