The owner of the eccentric little bar in Butchertown, Louis’s The Ton, has sold his business, and bought another one. Emmanuel Dumigron, founder of Louis’s the Ton, has sold the business and the building to Isaiah Hoagland, who intends to keep the staff and continue to run the place as a neighborhood bar.

Dumigron, in the meantime, has bought the building at 422 W. Oak St. that for many years was The Rudyard Kipling, a restaurant, bar and performance space operated by Ken and Sheila Pyle. Dumigron and his fiancée, Maria Snell, plan to open an eclectic business in the space that reflects their varied skills and interests.

Snell makes jewelry and taxidermy; Dumigron is a freelance graphic designer and photographer who also makes furniture and and repairs motorcycle. According to stories in Insider Louisville , and The Courier-Journal by late summer or early autumn, the couple plan to open an art gallery and boutique in the front, have a workshop and office space in the rear for Broken Masterpieces, a design and fabrication company Dumigron is starting, and turn the upstairs into a living space.

The new proprietor of Louis’s The Ton, Hoagland and his wife, Angela Hoagland, own the Linden Hill Bed and Breakfast, at 1607 Frankfort Ave., which they have been renovating and hope to open for business soon.

Hoagland does not plan on changing the look or ambiance of Louis’s The Ton other than adding one TV set for major sporting events. He also plans to expand his bourbon offerings, and to renovate the kitchen space to offer bar food, such as tacos. Other plans include a beer garden in the back and a possible rooftop terrace.