There’s a new food delivery service on the block: Foodching Louisville, which is launching here as well as in 40 other markets nationwide.

First, for background as to why there is ample room for a “better way” in the food delivery segment, here’s the first part (of three) in Michael L. Jones’ exposé in Food & Dining Magazine from the summer of 2020: We are being conned — the TRUTH about Delivery Apps (Part 1). Links to parts two and three are included.

Simply stated, Foodching aims to be different.

Following is the unexpurgated press release as received by Food & Dining Magazine, which tells the Foodching Louisville story in complete detail.

Foodching Louisville at Facebook
Foodching Louisville story at the Courier Journal

Foodching Louisville leading the way while benefiting Feed Louisville

Ready to Download on Your Phone – June 15, 2021

Louisville, Ky – – Foodching Louisville launches June 2021 with local entrepreneur, Gene Stein at the helm ready to deliver an innovated, purposeful, and easy way to have food and booze delivered to You! “Being a local guy gives me insight into what this city needs and how we can all work together in a cost-effective way to make our fair city everything it can be even when it comes to delivery!”

The Foodching concept has been cooking for over 2 years. When Gene was first approached by FoodChing to take charge of the Kentucky market – Louisville, specifically – he reflected on a quote from Elon Musk – “When someone offers you a seat on a rocket ship, you don’t ask which seat. You simply get on board!” He knew right away that this was the right vehicle to truly help the foodservice industry navigate the choppy waters of third-party delivery. “I have looked into the business models that the “Big 4” services operate – We knew there was a better cost worthy way and that’s what we’ve created with Foodching.”

Gene has been busy calling on local and national chains to be on board this awesome “Chaingang” of Foodching (here’s a few; Frankfort Avenue Beer Depot, Hooked on Frankfort, Eggs over Frankfort, Fante Coffee, Bearno’s Pizza as well as Big Guys like, Buffalo Wild Wings, McDonalds and Popeyes Chicken).

“We chose FoodChing as our preferred food delivery partner because it is FREE for us to use. The other guys wanted to charge us to deliver our food. FoodChing doesn’t do that. Plus, FoodChing is less expensive for our customers vs. the other services, too. On top of that, their support of Feed Louisville made it a no brainer for us. FoodChing is changing the way restaurants look at delivery services: instead of it being yet another hit to our bottom line, FoodChing is making us money!” – David Alvey, Frankfort Avenue Beer Depot

He has been hiring the right people to drive to ensure they deliver great attitude, great local eats, and great service from people ready to earn more and be more.

“I’m super excited to drive for FoodChing. I’m a full-time food delivery driver for one of the other services – it’s what I do for a living. I’m switching to FoodChing because they pay us more and don’t take any of the delivery fees or tips away from drivers like me. We have a lot of expenses as drivers: gas, insurance, wear, and tear on our vehicles and more. Plus, FoodChing offers incentives for drivers to make bonuses above and beyond the fees and tips. Once I heard how I was going to be compensated, I couldn’t say no. FoodChing is profoundly changing food delivery!” – Stephen B.

A Few Foodie Facts about Foodching Louisville:

  1. Foodching is FREE for restaurant partners. The other services charge the restaurants up to 30% or more to deliver their menu items.
  2. We help empower restaurants by providing our delivery service free of charge to our foodservice partners. We incentivize customers (aka Foodies) with cash back rewards in exchange for fair, honest, and transparent online reviews while saving them money at the same time.
  3. Foodching is less expensive for customers to use. There are not any exorbitant costs or a bunch of hidden fees with FoodChing. What you see is what you get: Menu items + a small service fee + a delivery fee. You have the option to tip your driver (drivers get 100% of the delivery fee and tip – unlike the other services, who take a percentage of the delivery fee and tip for themselves!)
  4. Foodching offers a “round up” your order total to help support Feed Louisville, a local outreach team that takes hot meals directly to people experiencing homelessness and food insecurity in our community. We feel this is a make sense fit-we deliver food to the public so why not help a cause that delivers food to those in need! “We are so thankful to FoodChing for supporting our local restaurant industry. Without FoodChing, we could not do our work feeding the houseless community. This is the most genius thing to happen to the local restaurant economy in years!” Rhona Kamar, Feed Louisville
  5. Lower costs and streamlined efficiency in execution
  6. Text Gene at (502) 627-0024 to either get a job or be a restaurant on board – Totally Local!

Brief Background on Gene Stein:

Gene was Born and raised on the mean streets of the south side of St. Matthews (ha-ha), loves being a Louisvillian and will always call Louisville his home! Gene still lives in St. Matthews, has two kids and certainly knows his delivery services and the Food & Beverage Industry! He has worked in foodservice on and off since the age of 14. If the job exists in the service industry, Gene’s done it. This background gives him crucial insight into what managers, owners and operators are looking for when it comes to their restaurants as well as what the public deserves with a delivery service!

About Feed Louisville:

Feed Louisville was founded at the beginning of the pandemic by Chef Rhona Kamar, of Prana and Ramsi’s Cafe on the World and Donny Greene, a seasoned outreach volunteer who has been working in solidarity with people experiencing homelessness in our community for years. The work started with a conversation and has grown into a network of chefs, restaurants, food companies, farmers, outreach workers and countless other volunteers who work together daily to get close to 3,000 meals a week directly to people living on the streets.