Jonathan Nunn is a food writer based in London, and with this essay he has absolutely, positively nailed it — rested the case, dropped the mic and covered all the necessary ground.

We are in uncharted waters: the industry has never seen this before, and all signs point to the likelihood that restaurants as we know them aren’t coming back for a while. To move forward, we must start by examining what we would like to save about the industry, giving space to the things that nourish us and our communities, and discarding what we believe doesn’t deserve to survive. After all, the real danger the restaurant industry faces isn’t annihilation – the danger is that it comes back the same as it was before.

Nunn’s conclusion: “Only a fundamental rethink will ensure their survival in the post-outbreak world.”

Consider clicking through to The Guardian (no pay wall) to read and mull Nunn’s thoughts, knowing that those of us currently working in Louisville’s food and drink sector are having discussions on the same grounds: Restaurants will never be the same after coronavirus – but that may be a good thing.

Cover photo credit: Today (NBC)