We can’t get over how much fun is packed into this event in New Albany. It’s called “Ultimate Date Night,” and on Saturday, February 3rd, the City of New Albany means to overcome the awkwardness and give 21-years-old+ hopeful wooers something better to do than the blasé old dinner and a movie. Just imagine tossing dating,  District 22 pizza, drinks, and a ton of wacky games into a blender and coming up with one heck of an eventful cocktail of fun and romance in Silver Street Park at 2043 Silver Street. Admission is $5 and I.D. is required for entry.

District 22 Pizzeria will be on hand serving pizzas and adult beverages while you enjoy card games, adult sized inflatables and more. Just check out some of these wacky games:

The Backyard Derby
The Kentucky Derby might be the most exciting 2 minutes in sports, but the BACKYARD DERBY is definitely the funniest. Saddle up on one of these inflatable horses and trot your way to victory while leaving the competition in the dust.

The Hippo Chowdown
Four contestants will enter the ring, but only one can be crowned the HUNGRIEST HIPPO! Relive all of your childhood memories playing Hungry Hungry Hippos in this life-size version.

Soccer Darts
Throwing darts is sooooo 2017. In 2018, we’re kicking darts – darts shaped like soccer balls. For maximum fun, scream “THIS – IS – SOCCER DARTS!” as Leonidas would while playing.

Wrecking Ball
I came in like a wreckingggg ball! Try not to make Miley Cyrus references while you dodge the inflatable wrecking ball being thrown at you by your significant other.

Obstacle Challenge
The difficulty level of this obstacle course is directly proportional to the difficulty of you and your significant other agreeing on a dinner destination.