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There has been a flurry of new restaurants additions in town and across the river in southern Indiana. The summer surge of additions to the food and drink scene has been as hot as the weather. We have tried to keep up and note openings as they occur, but to mention everything individually would have been to flood the social media feed. So, here is a recap of recent openings. We will post further as we discover more openings.

  • SET has opened at 630 S. Fourth St., in a totally revamped space that long had been Cunningham’s.
  • Louvino has opened a second wine and small plates place in Middletown, at 11400 Main St.
  • Highland Morning has opened a second location in St. Mathews, at 111 St. Matthews Ave., in the space that briefly had been a Tom+Chee’s outlet.
  • Old Louisville Brewery opened last week at 625 W. Magnolia St., in an old neighborhood grocery store that has been completely renovated. The focus will be on making beer; food trucks will be invited to provide any nourishments quaffers might need.
  • First Watch, the upscale breakfast chain, opened a second outlet in St. Matthews, at 960 Breckenridge Ln. near Dupont Circle.
  • Bean, a sleek new coffee shop, has opened at1138 Goss Ave. at the corner of Goss and Texas.
  • Rails Craft Brew & Eatery has opened at  318 West Lewis and Clark Pkwy. in Clarksville in the space that was briefly Sam’s at the Montrose. This is the second location of Rails Craft Brew, which started in Seymour, Ind. It focuses on craft beers with 22 on tap and more in bottles in the cooler, and an eclectic, family-pleasing menu.