Neither being the butt of stand-up comedians’ jokes nor the advancement of civic infrastructure can keep a Waffle House down. The Jeffersonville, Ind. outpost of the iconic blue-collar 24/7 eatery was razed in 2013 to make way for the new Ohio River bridge, but a new Waffle House is scheduled to open by Valentine’s Day at 1510 E. Tenth St. in J’ville.

Concrete is still being poured for the parking lot, the interior finish and electrical work is still being tweaked, and landscaping is being scheduled for the new few weeks. And applications for employment are being taken.

The location had been a Jerry’s Restaurant since the 1960s, but Jeffersonville Mayor Mike Moore, whose family ran the business, paid to the raze the old restaurant in August 2013 and sold the land to Waffle House. The heavily traveled Tenth St. corridor is likely to be a good location for the Waffle House. It will join the 1,700+ restaurants in 25 states run by the Atlanta, Georgia-based chain, which will celebrate its 70th anniversary next year.