It’s been four years since New Wave Burrito owners Matt Flip and Nate Sturdivant began late-night delivery of their burritos out of Eiderdown. The journey since has included expansions one step at a time: first, expanding their delivery hours and working out of the former Cure and then getting their own building at 3311 Preston Highway in April of 2016. Now, they’re taking another step by selling bottles of their Party Weekend hot sauce.

Sturdivant said they devised the Party Weekend recipe pretty early on at Eiderdown. They knew hot sauce pairs well with burritos, and they wanted to have one. Most of the sauces they were seeing were based on red chiles, and they thought it would be fun to play up the grassy flavor of fresh jalapenos in a salsa verde for theirs.

They did a little experimentation and came up with a recipe that hasn’t changed much since. In addition to the edible ingredients, Sturdivant said they blast love and new wave frequencies through every batch like Copper & Kings infuses music into their distilled spirits. 

“While we love spicy hot sauces ourselves it was important to us to make Party Weekend hot sauce approachable to everyone and also to complement food and not overwhelm it,” said Sturdivant. “On a scale of one to ten–bearing in mind one is still a hot sauce–I’d give it a three or four.  We like it, so we hope as many people get to try it as possible.  We even sent a bottle to Spice Lord Sean Evans of ‘Hot Ones’ fame.”

He went on to say that bar Vetti Chef Andy McCabe coined the term “party weekend” on a Monday fifteen years ago by yelling it before he jumped into a kiddie pool of whipped topping.  While he didn’t stick the landing the term stuck with the New Wave Burrito team like a “face full of creamy goodness on a summer day.”

The hot sauce is bottled in Louisville just down the road at Pop’s Pepper Patch. Right now, the bottles are available at the restaurant for $6.50 a bottle, and they always have one available by request if you want to splash the flavor on your burrito when you dine in. Sturdivant said they may expand distribution in the future.

“Maybe one day there will be a whole line of Party Weekend hot sauces but for right now we’re proud just to have the ‘OG’ (original) in a bottle.”