Lexington born North Lime Coffee and Donuts opened their Louisville location yesterday at 1228 South Seventh St to a hungry crowd. Early photos showed lines extending out the door despite the rain. As a matter of fact, (as you can see from the featured photo) they were so busy, they had to sell some of the sample donuts to keep up.

“I couldn’t believe it,” said manager Tricia Trimble. “Everybody was really great and nice. We’re very appreciative.  We really worked our tails off to keep up.”


The shop features a fun and cheerful environment with photos of the employees, hand drawn signs, and a tip jar vote between Marvel Comics or DC Comics — both jars looked pretty full. I wish I’d had cash to vote for Marvel and tip the scales. I asked for my digital tip to go towards Marvel. I hope it counted.  They have a variety of teas, coffees and smoothies in addition to the donut offerings, which include fun names like CinnaMonkey, Funkfetti, Funnel Cake and also feature standards like chocolate iced or glazed.  You can also buy  Louisville brand Good Folks Coffee and ceramic mugs by Sara Jane out of A A Clay Studio on South Fourth St. You get discounted coffee if you bring your own mug.


Trimble said they definitely felt the love from the neighborhood. “I live in Old Louisville. A lot of the employees are from Old Louisville, so they really own the store. They’re a part of the community and want to be a staple for Old Louisville.”


As for the future of this new spot, Trimble said that the upstairs will have additional seating after a fire escape can be built, and then the shop will have game nights and other forms of entertainment. And — based on today’s turnout — she thinks they will need to hire more employees.