Bar Vetti, 800 S Fourth St., is now having a guest chef on the second Monday of each month. Last month, the restaurant featured Holy Grale’s Josh Lehman, and this month’s guest is Paul Skulas, formerly of Portage House, who is about to open his new deep South concept Couvillion in  April.

Skulas said the prices will be in line with the Bar Vetti menu for his dishes, which are as follows: duck leg sugo with ricotta gnocchi, fried sage; arancini stuffed with Jake’s country sausage, with a buttermilk aioli; mafalde with shiitake mushroom alfredo; and taleggio-caramelized onions, andouille, egg, cane syrup, lots of black pepper pizza.

“I’m really pumped to be a part of this, ” said Skulas. “I’ve
 always looked up to Andy McCabe and Ryan Rogers. Both of them are on my speed dial if I ever have culinary problems or questions.”