The whole point of being an icon is to stand for something, to be sweeping and representational, and to symbolize. 21c Museum Hotel and its restaurant, Proof on Main, opened for business on the 700 block of West Main Street in 2006 during a transitional stage for downtown Louisville and helped pave the way for the dizzying changes that followed. 

The hotel and restaurant closed temporarily on March 27 amid COVID-19 curve-flattening restrictions, but three months later a July 1 reopening is on the books.–fqzP7j0mIW4Qp7JOsusQ-OZIAu98rzaNXJubpu-_zooadQgVfDEeTYh3lJVPrEov0bg0tbBtNSZM13DcvBr0kbSx20Z9CvS_9-2A&__tn__=-R

Proof on Main is re-opening July 1st! We couldn’t be more excited to return to the kitchen, return to a buzzy dining room, and return to serving you delicious dishes each day. We know the world has changed a lot since we closed our doors…and we have too. We’ve got new cleanliness and wellness procedures laid out, to ensure safety of both our teammates and our diners. For more information, check out our website

Over at Louisville Business First, Marty Finley has more: “A signature Louisville hotel, restaurant set for reopening.” If you’re wondering what sort of cleaning and sanitation protocols are being implemented by major hotels to cope with pandemic realities, Finley’s piece is a must-read.  

Proof on Main will return for dinner service only at first with brunch to follow. Executive Chef Jonathan Searle is working on a dinner menu emphasizing summer ingredients from Kentucky.
“I have missed everything about being in the kitchen and cannot wait to see our team, farmers and guests,” Searle said in the release. “This season will really be about showcasing ingredients and techniques. We plan to go back to the basics of what made us love food and cooking in the first place. This season will be about showcasing ingredients and techniques and continuing to foster an environment where we can all learn, create and grow together.”