Whether the Highlands is getting more or less weird with the opening of more chain restaurants is a matter of debate, but another such regional fast food outlet has opened. Raising Cane’s extensive renovation of the former Dairy Queen building in front of the Mid City Mall at 1250 Bardstown Rd. opened March 1.

The Louisiana-based chain already has established a beachhead in the area with three other outlets in the outer suburbs: 5212 Dixie Hwy., 6811 Bardstown Rd. and 10490 Westport Rd.  Like the others, the fourth Raising Cane’s in the Louisville area serves up “chicken fingers,” the curious labeling of what generally purports to be slices of chicken breast, breaded and seasoned and fried for easy, no-bones involved eating.

Raising Cane’s web site http://www.raisingcanes.com/our-menu asserts that they use only chicken tenderloins, of which there are only two per breast, making for a lot of breasts that go to other purposes, apparently. The website goes on to claim that their recipe calls for marinating the tenderloins to make them even more tender, before breading and frying to order. Other offerings consists of crinkle-cut fries and creamy cole slaw, and a “secret sauce” for finger dipping

You can order various combos, a sandwich of fingers on a kaiser roll, and vast quantities of chicken fingers, in multiples of 25, for parties.