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Dustin Staggers and his partners have closed Rumplings, 2009 Highlands Ave., but a short run for the business had always been the plan, according to Staggers. The small, easily adaptable space was envisioned from the beginning as a place to try out new ideas. And the next new idea for that space will be called Epic Sammich Co., and serve–sandwiches.

Staggers, who also owns Roux, 1325 Bardstown Rd.,  said, while Rumplings was a profitable venture, he thinks other concepts might be more so, and he and his partners have lots of ideas about what might come next.

The small storefront just off Bardstown Rd. had been a bagel shop before Rumplings took it over. Turning it into a deli-style sandwich shop with chef-driven concepts will not be difficult, Staggers said. 

Rumplings fans  are upset at the abrupt termination, but Staggers sees the concept as akin to a pop-up, like the 10 Tables idea he and Eric Morris (formerly of Loop 22), Griffin Paulin, and Ethan Ray of Roux have been working with for several months, albeit a pop-up that lasts for several months rather than just one dinner.

And that first concept to toggle in, which Staggers hopes to open June 16, with Morris, is a place for iconic delicatessen sandwiches kicked up by some creative chef-inspired touches. The Epic Sammich Co. BLT, for instance, will come with Jay Denham’s back bacon and belly bacon as well as Benton’s smoked bacon, the kind of local high-end products that chefs love to use, and that he thinks consumers will appreciate.

Ramen fans will have one last chance for a bowl of noodles. A “final — for the time being — hurrah for Rumplings” is set for June 28 with the RumpFest block party, which had been scheduled for Memorial Day weekend, but was postponed due to problems getting all the permits. Some sandwich ideas from Epic will also be on offer.

Full Menu

Cold Sandwiches
The Meat Treaty $12
Rye Bread/Corned Beef/Pastrami/Roast Beef/Turkey/Swiss Cheese/Celery Seed Slaw/Six Mile Dressing

*Epic Meat Treaty – Three Meat Treaty’s Stacked in between 5 slices of bread

Thunderbolt $10
Sesame Kaiser Roll/Turkey/Roast Beef/Woodland Farm Belly Bacon/Sharp Cheddar/Horseradish Honey Mustard

Warm Sandwiches
Gigante $10
French Bread/Cappicola/Ham/Salami/Mortadella/Epic Oil Dressing Soaked Fried Buffalo Mozzarella/Blistered Banana Peppers/Basil Pesto Aioli/Epic Oil Dressing
Add egg 1.50

BLT3 $12
Sourdough Bread/Woodland Farm Back Bacon/Woodland Farm Belly Bacon/Benton’s Smoked Bacon/Lemon and Roasted Garlic Aioli/Tomato/Grateful Greens Wildfire Mix
Add egg 1.50

Hot Sandwiches
Fried Pig and Cheese $9                         
Sourdough Bread/Choice of Fried Mortadella or Fried Benton’s Country Ham/Fontina Cheese/American Cheese/Swiss Cheese/Provolone/Sharp Cheddar/Elderberry Jam Aioli Dipping Sauce
Add egg 1.50

Reading Terminal $11
Amoroso Roll/Mojo Pork/Fried Kalettes/Provolone/Pork Jus/Hot Pepper Relish/Lemon and Roasted Garlic Aioli

Liberty Bell $12
Amoroso Roll/Shaved Ribeye/Smoked Mozzarella Cheese Curds/Cheese Wiz/Caramelized Onions/Hot Pepper Relish/Smoked Onion Aioli

It’s Not Tofu $11
Cuban Bread/Epic Oil Dressing Soaked Buffalo Mozzarella/Swiss Cheese/Shitake Mushrooms/Hen of the Woods Mushrooms/Fried Kalettes/Pickled Red Onions/Smoked Onions/Grateful Greens Wildfire Mix/Basil Pesto Aioli/Chipotle Tomato Jam

WW3 Rueben $10
Rye Bread/Corned Beef/Swiss Cheese/Joe Banet’s Kim Chi/Six Mile Dressing

Honky Tonk Flame $12
Sesame Kaiser Roll/Nashville Style Hot Chicken/Crispy Pickle Straws/Green Goddess Mayo

Nawlins’ Vice $10
French Bread/Fried Chicken Livers/Horseradish Honey Mustard/Smoked Onions/Green Goddess Slaw/Tomato/Pickles

Chicken Cordon Bluegrass $12
Sesame Kaiser Roll/Fried Chicken/Woodland Farm Back Bacon/Benton’s Country Ham/Pimiento Cheese/Chipotle Tomato Sauce/Smoked Onions/Blue Cheese Mayo
Add egg 1.50

The Wharf $13
Rye Bread/Fried Catfish/Lobster Salad/Fried Pickles/Green Goddess Slaw/Hot Sauce

Pressed Sandwiches
Cuban B $9
Cuban Bread/Mojo Pork/Benton’s Country Ham/Genoa Salami/Swiss Cheese/Mustard/Pickles/Smoked Onion Aioli for Dipping

Saddle Up $9
Sesame Kaiser Roll/Ancho Smoked Chicken/Sharp Cheddar/Green Chilis/BBQ Grippos/Chipotle Tomato Sauce/Blue Cheese Mayo

***Add Side, Drink and Cookie for $3.50 (Cheese Fries Upcharge)
***Sodas $1.50
***Cookies $1.50-2.00
***Salad and Sandwich Combo $15

Green Goddess Slaw $2
Celery Seed Slaw $2
Pasta Salad $3
Chips $1.50
French Fries $3
Cheese Fries/Benton’s Bacon/Scallions $5

Salads $7
Lady Luck
Grateful Greens Wildfire Mix/Greed Goddess Dressing/Chopped Tomato/Pickled Red Onion/Buffalo Mozz/Rye Croutons

No Juevos
Grateful Greens Wildfire Mix/Turkey/Ham/Back Bacon/Rye Croutons/Chopped Tomato/Smoked Onions/Blue Cheese Dressing